Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flower Power

Running among the flowers in July!
Some St. Croix Runners gathered this morning.
Sweet Pea and I ran here, noticing that the mower carefully left a row of wild flowers along the trail.

It is lily season in Minnesota.

Spectacular flowers in that neighborhood, I thought.

No rain, temperatures above freezing, joints working pretty well, glorious flowers: Great to be running!


peter said...

I think I'm leaving blogland as dcspinster, I have nothing more to say. My recent experience awakened me but can't equate to others' moments of revelation, b/c a momentary situation doesn't compare to longstanding periods of anxious uncertainty & the truth that that shows you (it reveals your strength). Your discomfort with my repetitive whining is noted and agreed to, I'm sorry that I never actually met you & Don, I wish you both the best and profess to great admiration to the both of you. Shalom!

Anonymous said...

Those lillies are just gorgeous!

Sunshine said...

Peter, no "discomfort" for us here. You have our empathy.. and our encouragement.
Would you consider taking a break from blogging rather than walking away. Perhaps you will have more to say. You have many friends that appreciate your writing.
Wherever you are, Godspeed.

David said...

Thank you for visiting my "retired" Blogspot blog. I am now to be found at

re: Peter - we ran a lovely run from the Iwo Jima monument to RFK Stadium and back a couple of Julys ago.