Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Week

Oh Joy! Rejoice! A week of spring: 60 degree highs
Melodies of Easter hymns play in my head.
I remember playing tennis with my sister, many years ago in northern Iowa, in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, in March.

We ran in the park every day this week. By today the snow was pretty much gone.

Today we saw a magnificent hawk... a little too tame... maybe injured?

Just a week ago, with the yard still deep in snow, Sweet Pea spotted these deer just going by.

A week ago Gateway Trail was clear, but with snow banks.

These mallards know what season it is. When first I saw them they were sitting in a puddle in this parking lot, about to set up housekeeping.

More cold weather is on the way. Winter is not over.
But we had this week of spring.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, I can't believe that 60 deg weather!! I'm sure it must have been wonderful to be running outdoors in shorts. I'm always amazed how much wildlife you see while out and about. Thanks for sharing!

Sunshine said...

"Anonymous" comments are deleted.

peter said...

Winter's not over yet? All the snow is gone here (finally) and today I was hot while running a mile in a long sleeve-T, so it's springtime (finally) around DC. The northlands of course are different. Nice pictures!