Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good to Run

Early Saturday morning walk.. and even a few steps of running now and then. Ouch.

Incredible injuries to knee are so slowly healing.

Summer is here. Sidewalk chalk and baseball left in a front yard the day before.

Thursday I told Therapist Sara, I want my knee back. And it is actually starting to feel like it is mine again.
I'm doing the icing, stretches, exercises, supplements, healthy eating. Thanks to those folks who are even praying for my knee!

Why did all those geese cross the road??

Today is Flag Day. Happy Birthday.


Anne said...

Being down when everything's finally in bloom can be most frustrating. Stay strong and stay the course. You'll heal more quickly and be able to join other runners sooner that way.

Unknown said...

hang in there - you're almost there!

Beth said...

Aww... look at the teenager geese. I love them at the awkward stage. Sounds like slowly but surely your knee is making progress. Stick with it! You'll be back to your old self soon.

ShirleyPerly said...

Stay positive, Sunshine. I know it must be difficult not to be running with all those signs of summer abounding. But patience is key and though slow, it does sound like your knee is improving.

peter said...

To get to the other side, Sunshine. Get better!

A Plain Observer said...

You are coming back and enjoy the journey.
Your posts are so full of hope and optimism. Thank you.

DawnB said...

hang in there sunshine you'll be back before you know it

Calyx Meredith said...

Fun signs of summer! Love the pictures. Still sending you healing vibes for that knee.