Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Review

Today we ran on the indoor track... again! Each of us put in 3 hours .. our long run in training for Don to do a marathon and Sweet Pea and me to do a half.
Mostly the weather has been pretty crappy... below zero for days at a time.. and whenever it warmed up just a little we were blessed with another dump of snow and ice.
But on just a couple of mornings we had frosty trees (see below) that sparkled in the sun.

ShirleyPerly came here from Florida to run the Zoom Ya Ya Marathon on the indoor track at St. Olaf in Northfield. She is one energized, cheerful fabulous athlete. Watching her run.. enjoying her cheering us back... was an inspiring highlight.

Don was one of only 3 recognized for running all 13 Grand Prix races. The day before the final one, we drove all the way back from the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon the day before.

Below are the 5K runners, bundled up in sub-zero temps to run the St. Paul Winter Carnival race. (It is harder to run when you are dressed in all the thermal stuff you own.) The half marathon was cut in half, due to the temps.
That's us, all 3 of us ... behind this camera, up in the warm sky-way. Ha.

We thought the cup for registered runners was especially fitting this year. Yes, we did register, just in case it was warm enough to run, and in order to get our cups.

Oh yes, and my 70th birthday was this month. Don, the Sweetie, arranged for a lot of friends to send e-mail greetings. It feels pretty good to be alive. It feels pretty good that Don is still alive! My Dad had died of leukemia when my Mom turned 70. Those were difficult times for her.
I still get age group awards in marathons and have pretty good health. I am blessed and I cherish life.

And yes, and January 20, 2009:

(We survived... barely... the Bush)



Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...


You look radiant in the photo.

I think running an inside track for 3 hours would be really horrible. I could almost run on a treadmill easier than run the track.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Love that cup! That is quite impressive post ! I just don't know how these runners can do it in sub freezing temperature like the carnival race.

ShirleyPerly said...


Sorry I couldn't be there to cheer you guys on while running on the indoor track but I now know it's not as bad as it sounds at all.

Congrats again to Don and everyone for running a race in those subzero temps. That cup is great!

Backofpack said...

I love that cup! And, Happy Birthday! Still running at 70 - that's my plan too. Congrats to all three of you!

Dori said...

Happy Birthday, Sunshine! A new age group to conquer. You are an inspiration, to me and many others. I love the coffee cup, but I don't blame you for not running that race. I haven't forgotten how cold Minnesota can get.

jeanne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! holy cow you look 20 years younger! I guess running does that for--or TO--you. I can only hope i'm lucky enough to still be running at your age.

that cup is adorable. although the 3 hour indoor track thing? that would kill me! so jealous you got to meet shirleyperly!

beautiful photo of the tree. I keep hoping for a snow day from work! :)

Unknown said...

I just love that you are 70 and still running happy. You are my hero!

Bob - said...

below zero for days at a time.
whew that's a cold, it's been a rough winter across the country...

LOVE the coffee mug!!!!

Happy B-Day and great pics! Cool shot of the frosty Trees!

A Plain Observer said...

Happy Birthday, thank you for the visit. We don't know the results of the second biopsy, not yet.
I am too a survival of NHL, it is a long uncertain road.
Beatiful picture, love the frosted trees

Anne said...

Belated birthday wishes that you have many more January reviews in your future. I love the cup they gave out at that one race. Much better than the typical Tshirt.

Vickie said...

You've had a memorable month! Hopefully this ice, snow, and cold won't last forever, although it already seems that way!

Steve Stenzel said...

Happy 70th!!!

That's a great photo of the start of that FREEZING race!!

Congrats on getting in a good, long run on the track!

(and I don't know how, but we DID survive the last 8 years!... Here's to better times ahead!!)

CewTwo said...

Been a while since you blogged! I hope you are still OK! Happy belated birthday!!

peter said...

I can't believe I missed wishing you a happy B'day! And we all beat the Bush. (Haven't heard much from or about him lately.)