Thursday, May 22, 2008

Faster 8.6 Miles on Gateway

Temperature around 60, only a light wind. Hey, maybe we are getting good at this??
Today every single mile of the 8 miles was 30-60 seconds faster than on Tuesday, which had really gone pretty well.

Bird songs were fantastic this morning. At one point a rose breasted grossbeak was sitting on a low branch just about 20 feet in front of us... singing. He flew up into the tree and then we could hear a couple of others call out.
"Winter is over, the rains are gone,
the flowers are blooming.
It's time for singing;
let's walk out through the valley's
and listen to the song of the dove.
The fig trees are setting fruit;
the the air is full of the smell
of grape blossoms."

....Song of Songs (Solomon)
The Inclusive Bible, First Egalitarian
Translation; (Priests for Biblical Equality)


CewTwo said...

Hi Sunshine! I headed out and ran the neighborhood hill route this morning. Sunshine and good weather when I left and overcast and windy when I returned.

I had heard about the weather in Colorado's Larimer and Weld counties. There was at least one life lost. It is always a tragedy when that happens.

I got a kickj out of my most recent blog as I heard from the Eastland Disaster Organization. They want to make sure that I got the location of the plaque correct. I did modify my blog post with the correct location and a link to the organization's website.

Sometimes out contact with our humble blogs have far reaching connections!

Unknown said...

Pretty picture of the blooming trees!!! So nice!!!

peter said...

Eight miles in temperate weather through wooded trails with birds singing. What could be more delightful?

Backofpack said...

Well now. We've still got rain, and more forecast for the weekend. I'm finally jealous of your weather!

Anne said...

Sure sounds like everyone's got a little more 'spring' in their step now.

CewTwo said...

Bird story -
One night I got home from work and heard a rustling on the computer desk. My black cat would jump up on the desk (he never found it interesting enough to visit before) reach behind the CPU box and swat at something.
When he jumped down, I checked the desk. Behind the CPU desk I found a bird! It was a flicker. Since I showed interest, both cats and the dog all decided to assist me. So, all of the animals went into a bedroom behind a closed door (not willingly).
I moved the computer out and there it was. My dilemna now was to get it out of the house. He did not move out of the corner he was in.
I opened the front door and locked the screen door open. I reached toward the bird and he moved. Up into the air and across the ceiling. Not toward the door, of course.
It took awhile, but using a magazine I was able to guide his flight toward the door. Eventually it worked and he flew to his freedom outside.
I watched him go. I opened the bedroom door and watched ALL of the animals head for the computer desk...
I am still amazed that I found him inside and have no idea how he got in!