Sunday, May 25, 2008

Challenge Hearts & Minds 5K

(Picture of the precious Mother's Day planting is on our previous post.)

8am: heavy overcast, warm & humid. 2X around Como Lake, St. Paul. We 3 each ran well.
And it is blossom time in Minnesota .. every apple, plum and flowering whatever has burst into song. The Como Lake pavilion sandwich shop was open .. and makes cappuccino drinks.
See yesterday's post for our 26.8 miles on Gateway Trail in 5 days.

Challenge Races web site:

PS 7pm Sunday... a tornado did extensive damage to about two dozen houses (CNN is saying 50 homes) in Hugo MN about an hour ago. Hugo is in Washington County, about a quarter of an hour from us. We had wind, but no damage.. saw the clouds move rapidly south and then rapidly north and then east.


Backofpack said...

Looks like a beautiful trail. Glad you all had fun!

IronWaddler said...

So glad you are OK from the bad weather.

peter said...

My brother-in-law said there was a loss of life in Hugo. So sorry, but glad you weren't affected. A riot of blooming.

Vickie said...

Beautiful flowering trees! Our peak was during the 25k a few weeks ago. Oh the smells! Nice running. Glad you were not injured or sustained any damage during the tornado. I wondered how close it might be to you.

DawnB said...

that is what you call the quiet before the storm. I'm glad that you're ok.

rocketpants said...

Glad the horrible weather missed you guys!