Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Red Winged Blackbirds on Gateway

Gateway yesterday afternoon: 8 2/3 miles
Back to the Brooks Burn shoes, no new blisters, last week's are healing well.
Gorgeous sunny day in the 60's after the long El Nino winter, how could being out running not make it the best day of the year.
Roller bladers are starting to come out, now that the last of the icy slush patches are all melted.
Dozens of bicycles
.. a few racing by with no "on your left" warning... but most very courteous... as were we.
What a fabulous day to be aerobic outdoors.

Red winged blackbirds.... dozens of them in a few trees near a pond. The red winged blackbirds singing in a magical fugue with the croaking frogs in the pond.
I haven't seen so many red winged blackbirds in one place in my life (and I grew up in Iowa!)
You can click on the picture to enlarge that bird.


Backofpack said...

I don't think I've ever seen a red-winged blackbird, a cardinal or a blue-bird. We have blue jays (okay, really they are Stellar's Jays, but we call them blue jay) and Pileated woodpeckers and flickers and downy woodpeckers and starllings and robins and...more. But not the bright colorful ones.

Anonymous said...

How lovely...I took a picture of a bird who made a nest in a tree in our backyard yesterday. She is sitting on some eggs. Not sure if it's a dove or pigeon (I'm not too knowlegable about birds) but it is so pretty!

CewTwo said...

Courtesy on the trail really is tantamount. Many is the time my heart has picked up when a bicycle passes me swiftly without warning. We all need to consider ourselves as ambassdors of our individual interests and recreational activities. The more polite and friendly we are to one another makes for a better world overall!

It is a great time of year to observe many forms of natural wildlife (Even the flicker working on the tree next door early in the morning)!

Unknown said...

Life is good, isn't it? You have pictures to prove it. :)

Anne said...

I saw these same birds while running in northern California last weekend. They are gorgeous, but these birds were mute. I could have used a little accompaniment. Glad to hear the thaw is finally happening up there.

peter said...

Here most bicyclists race by w/o an "On Your Left," a few call out or ring a bell (how hard is it to ring a bell?), the ones who signal I try to say Thank You to, to encourage the practice. I have had biker friends earnestly tell me that they think it is annoying to runners to constantly call out so they don't. They just don't know, really, what it is like to be startled by a metal kite with 150 pounds atop it providing force flash by suddenly within a foot at 28 MPH.

Sunshine said...

Peter, you describe that bicycle going by sensation very well!!
We always shout a cheerful thanks when we get that injury-saving warning.

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad to hear your blisters are healing and no new ones. Looks like a gorgeous day!

peter said...

I'll be there for my club, and doing that on Sunday. cell 202-297-4874