Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day: Stop Global Warming

LA NINA graced us with quite a long winter.
Today the ice finally went out on our nearest lake ... almost a record for late.
Global warming marches on.
Because China manufactures a major proportion of products we purchase, I hope somebody is concerned the contribution of China as well as the United States to global warming, use of energy, and employee policies.

Polar bears, virgin forests ... so many issues ... so much to care about.
Happy birthday Sweet Awesome Earth.

PS We loved watching the Boston Marathon on television today... Remembering.


Vickie said...

Sorry your weather hasn't been as pleasant as ours. But our winter I think was WORSE! Hang in there. Warm weather is on its way. At least, it should be! And good luck in your training for the Pig. Almost here!

Nat said...

Great post. Nothing is more precious than this earth. Without it, we have nothing. Enjoy this beautiful warmth!

ShirleyPerly said...

Don't have cable TV but I did manage to see a webcast of the Boston Marathon on my computer -- Great women's race!

Hope spring will be there soon.

DawnB said...

i got home and watched it before i took my son back to school. I watched it again tonight :)

peter said...

Be kind to your Mother.