Thursday, July 12, 2007

Have It Your Way ... At Home

Someone commented recently ... How much people spend on cars and how little on really good food. Actually, junk food is not so cheap.
I do get it about eating out being a good way to be with friends without doing dishes, but with a little practice... and patience ... and everybody pitching in, we did our version of a nice Applebees Weight Watchers tilapia with tropical fruit salsa and fresh broccoli. And we three put it all together after we got home from our monthly Weight Watchers meeting. (monthly because we are all at goal) If we did eat out, the Applebees Weight Watchers tilapia is probably what we would order.
For the salsa: apricots, cucumbers and plums are organic, plus organic lemon juice on the tilapia. The other mango, pineapple and watermelon are conventional.
The tilapia was farmed in the Western Hemisphere.
This plate was arranged and photographed by our Myeloma Hope Sweetie. Tilapia dinner
Organic Valley cottage cheese goes nice with berries and fruit and romaine for an elegant lunch ... shown here half eaten.Berry good (!) lunch


cat said...

Wow! That looks amazing and I bet it tastes just as good - I had to google talipia... it's a fish! to my surprise :)
Keep the wonderful food ideas coming, such a delight :)

Thanks for your thougtful comments on my blog too,

Cat :-)

cat said...

oops, I meant tilapia!