Thursday, July 19, 2007

Buy Local ?

Who ? Me ?

Duh? The "buy local" movement took me by surprise. Well, I guess it shouldn't have... with the environmental cost of transporting ... anything.
We buy chicken, buffalo, pork, lamb, and beef from this part of the country. Wild caught salmon and farmed tilapia are not Minnesota products.
Last night we ate Minnesota corn-on-the-cob.
Today we feasted on local, pesticide-free rainbow chard, but the scavenger hunt to find pesticide-free or lower pesticide local vegetables is discouraging.

Barbara Kingsolver relates her family's year of eating local in her book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." They raised a garden, gave up tropical imports. Well, I haven't read her book, yet, but I enjoy her writing style, so I probably will read it.

This week I looked at the co-op for pesticide-free Minnesota fruit and/or berries and scored zero. Berries were from California, apples from New Zealand, etc.

I try to keep up on the latest "dirty dozen" list of fruits and vegetables that are raised with the most pesticides, and choose organic.

Some folks who have cancer choose to eat only organic fruits and vegetables, and only meat and poultry raised without hormones or pesticides. I wonder.

Low fat, hormone-free cottage cheese and summer fruit: my favorite lunch.
Chiquita Banana, many years ago, used to sing a song on the radio about never putting bananas in the refrigerator (no-no-no!), but after bananas are ripe it is fine to refrigerate them. Chilled banana slices are a nice addition to the grapes, blueberries, blackberries, plum and mango.
Best of summer We came out of the Family Means buiding where we go to myeloma information & support group ... and the power in the sky was awesome. We were blessed with three eighths of an inch of rain and a huge wind. It is dry, and the forecast not promising.Storm brewing

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