Saturday, June 2, 2007

Post-Race Breakfast

Celebration BreakfastWhole wheat French toast (two slices, made with one whole egg and milk).
maple-apple topping, briefly steamed until tender: one whole apple, cubed, dash of cinnamon, one tablespoon real maple syrup (no water added).
fresh blackberries, 1/4 ounce raisins, and plain organic yogurt.
Weight Watcher points depend on bread used; note that just one tablespoon of maple syrup is enough flavor without piling on the carbs.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Will you please STOP posting photos of all this gorgeous delicious-looking food? You make me so hungry that I just want to jump on the next plane and come knocking at your door!!!...well, that would happen at least eight-ten hours later, since I live in Italy...
Just kidding, of course: keep posting your photos, Sunshine! Love 'em!
Thanks, Margaret (from Margaret's Corner, in case you know any other Margarets who live in Italy...;-)).