Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rochester MN: final FINAL snowfall ?

An egret catching breakfast in the park on the morning of April 30.

The following morning (yesterday, May 1st), Don watched the weather reports, made a decision, reserved a hotel room in Rochester, rented a car. We left in mid-afternoon for Don's myeloma appointment which was the following morning at Mayo Clinic.
This was the amazing scene out our hotel window at six o'clock this morning. Don had already left, through the tunnels for his 6am blood draw at the clinic.

Rochester is in Olmsted County. All of the medical people Don was scheduled to see had made it in, some taking as much as an hour and a quarter for the usual 15 minute commute.
If we had waited until this morning to drive to Rochester, we wouldn't have made it. For a while this morning the highway between the Twin Cities and Rochester was closed.

Mid-morning view from the 10th floor, where we see the doctor.

Footprints in the snow greeted us as we waded our way to our car on the top of the parking ramp.

Immediately we were met by a man with a snow shovel, waving directions to the front end loader operator.

The city street in Rochester at around 1:00 this afternoon
Tonight they are reporting total snow fall at about 14 inches of "wet cement".

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