Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shamrock Marathon / Half - Virginia Beach - March 17

Sweet Pea and Sunshine finished their runs in 50 states, with 13 marathons and the remainder half marathons.

Some swell stuff about Virginia Beach and the races:

The huge 10K ran right past our hotel on Saturday morning.

In all the races many runners were celebrating "the wearing of the green".

Spring had arrived there.

Kites flew on the beach.

Generous water stops, lots of cute kid volunteers
No stingy "single" porta-potties at this race, meant never having to stand in line.

Sand sculpture at the finish.
Hot beef and carrot soup in the finishers' tent....

Finishers' hat

Finishers' blankets were not mylar... but polar fleece.

Definitely a "green" choice: a take home reusable blanket!

Yes, spring was in Virginia, even though following soon behind the snows.

Bags, and yes, well we weren't short of bags, but nice to get these at the expo and the finish.

Long sleeved technical shirt for marathon finishers

Short sleeves for half marathon finishers

Very nice finishers' medals

And oh! the breathtaking surf.....

Here is my Sweetie's account of his marathon race: http://minnesotadon.blogspot.com/2013/03/yuengling-shamrock-marathon-virginia.html

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