Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hyannis Marathon / Half - Part One

Many eagles could be seen along the Mississippi, south of St. Paul, from our Amtrak coach.

The shiny Amtrak cars, the roar of the electric engines that pulled the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago, unloading at Union Station always delights.

We boarded the Lakeshore Limited, destination Boston. Snow had blown in, piled up between the cars on their trip across Ohio and Indiana, making our trek slippery as we made our way to the dining car.

This is a civilized way to travel, said Don, as we followed the Mohawk River across New York State to Albany. He had been behind the wheel of the car for all those trips to run New England marathons.

From my Boston hotel bed, I soaked in the early morning sun, which would be so absent for the next three days on Cape Cod.

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