Monday, August 6, 2012

Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on Gateway

Sunday, August 5, Sweet Pea and I finished a half marathon on Gateway, training for our next race.

The trail was marvelously well-utilized with bicycles, strollers, roller-bladers and runners.

Highlight: meeting Amazing Nephew Luke, training for his next marathon!

Flowers along the fence on the approach to the new reclaimed bridge over Manning Avenue

Early August, as I remember my teenage years detasseling seed corn for DeKalb, seems to me like mid-summer, but falling leaves are already collecting along the path.

Wild morning glories cheer the way.

Sumac is doing what it does before all the leaves burst into burgundy and magenta.

Bluebird houses are plentiful, as is the allergy-provoking golden rod.

Well, stay tuned for the pictures from our trip to the historical Portland Prairie Episcopal Church.

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