Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fortitude for First Descents Marathon / Half

Lewes, Delaware: State Park on the Atlantic Coast

Course was well marked .. including this "don't go this way".

With 4 loops for the marathon and 2 loops for the half, we saw Don 3 times.

Bring your children to the races!
And my apology to this lovely family for poor focus of my camera... which will be replaced as soon as I can figure out what to get.

One of the first descendants
"Cancer," I said. "Leukemia," he replied softly.
"My dad died of leukemia too," I said, and he hesitated for only an instant, and then hugged me.
The race started then and I cried for the first half mile.

All sorts of traces of World War II defenses in this state park on the Atlantic Coast.

The sky was clear and blue for the first couple of hours, temperatures in the low
40's, but NO precipitation.
When we registered for this race back in September, I feared a sleet storm in mid-December.

We saw a marathoner slip and fall on the pine needles. Most of the way they were not a hazard.

Turn around at the fishing dock on Delaware Bay.

Footprints in the sand, not much of a problem on the trails.

Bless their hearts, the water stop/aid station volunteers.

Clouds gathered and by the end of the race the sky was totally overcast.

50 states myeloma marathoner Don, after the finish. See
Be sure to see his video on CNN's blog.

Hot soup for runners who finished in less than five hours at this six hour marathon.
Later finishers probably needed it even more, the temperature still being in the low 40's.

We brought some LED Christmas lights for our motel room. (Light in the window is a reflection from a lamp in the room.)

Our marathoner didn't finish in time for the hot soup, but Sweet Pea and I served up chicken breast, baked squash, nachos, popcorn and ice cream back in the room.

Sweet Pea made lattes with organic milk (no steamer, but heated on the stove) and organic French roast filtered coffee.


Bethk said...

I loved the CNN interview. Your family is such an inspiration! Glad you had good weather- looks like another great race!

DawnB said...

Happy Holidays to you, beautiful course, love the recap of this race.

Sunshine said...

The first running scene is from the New York City Marathon this past November... video as Don ran from the Queensboro Bridge to First Avenue. The second is as he approached the finish.... of the New York City Marathon.
In listening to the video, you will discover that the final scene is not from any marathon.

A Plain Observer said...

I loved the CNN video. Very inspirational.

Sunshine said...

Thanks. Bless you!