Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Half Marathons

Portland Maine and Hartford Connecticut, two weeks apart, and we had two memorable car trips through autumn color to get to them.
I celebrate the volunteers, the organization, the interesting race courses, the patient police, the race directors, the folks in the cities that tolerated road races on their streets.
And I sure do recommend both races.

Oh so much depends on the weather for marathon and half marathon races.
In Portland the rain came sweeping at us with 15-18 mph winds.
Below: at the Portland start line, umbrellas and rain gear

Rain came the day before the race in Hartford.
Wading in deep mud just before the start

But in Hartford the temperature was in the 50s... with NO rain on race day, and Sweet Pea and I finished the Hartford Half in HALF an hour less time than we had run just two weeks before in Portland.

I love races and I wouldn't trade the experience of participating in both of these.

Here he is at about mile 26 of the Hartford Marathon, as always, happy to be running.
Yea Don! Looking good. That's my guy.


LesleyG said...

That's great! Congrats to all!

DawnB said...

wow wish I had kept up with my bloging I did Hartford too. would love to have met you.