Saturday, August 6, 2011


In the county park . . .

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Summertime! Enjoying the fresh melons and organic berries. . . and other fresh fruit.

Making sure we get some good protein every time we eat:
ground bison, grass fed pesticide-free beef, organic free-range eggs and chicken, organic low fat yogurt, small amounts of a variety of nuts.

... And trying to work a few fresh local seasonal vegetables in to our menus.

Some supplements I'm taking right now:

D3 5,000 mg (in addition to a good supply of sunshine)
turmeric extract
NOW brand Thyroid Energy
Resveratrol (in addition to eating those fresh organic grapes)
Rainbow Light, Active Seniors multivitamin
some calcium and magnesium when I think of it . . .

This past week Sweet Pea and I went to the park every day for an hour at around 7 or 7:30am and another hour at 5pm.
Temp at 5 was usually in the low to mid 80's with substantial humidity. Ugh.
We are training for . . . well, we are training for something I guess.
Also hoping to lose a little extra weight. Needing to travel a little lighter!

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A Plain Observer said...

that seems to be a very peaceful place to be with a friend. Great place to train