Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Casper Marathon / Half

Another half marathon age group award for Sunshine

Ready at the start line

Finisher's medals have a movable center

"Run with the Herd" in Wyoming
Shirts are long sleeved technical shirts

That's Sweet Pea at the finish enjoying some of the incredible offering of fresh fruits and vegetables. Food at the finish also included gluten and sugar kinds of treats and pizza.

The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) flag in the picture is on the truck of the licenced amateur radio operator who volunteered communication assistance.
Sweet Pea's grandfather was a ham radio volunteer at Grandma's Marathon in Duluth every year.

Be sure to see Make It a Masterpiece for a complete race report.


A Plain Observer said...

I'm sold on the glass and the movable center medal. I love awards that can be used. I always try to give the recipients something they can use so they can remember my races

Beth said...

Geez, you guys find the coolest races! I think you need to write a book about all of your different race experiences. Yeah on another great finish!

CewTwo said...

Well, I ran the Slacker with my pup, Sami. I t was a warm mountain day. The race was a half-marathon with Sami becoming a half-marathon runner. She'll even get her own medal (being sent by mail).
A lot of fun. Long about mile 12, I called a friend volunteering at the finish line. Sami laid down in the shade of a truck. I got her up and going, but the 12 mile water station was just around the corner. She found the doggy pool, drank from it, then put all 4 feet in it, then laid down. Two of the lady volunteers started pouring water over her.
I got her up again, and just a few minutes later we crossed the finish line. !st thing we did then? Found Sami another doggy pool!