Saturday, October 23, 2010

Truman Presidential Library

Independence, Missouri

Our 6th presidential library in our travels to do marathons in 50 states.

The grounds around the buildings were spacious and lovely... Sorry that we neglected to get any good photos.
Maples were at their finest in Missouri last weekend.

"All Americans... are entitled to ... good medical care."

Truman's oval office in the White House during his presidency

The visitor's center

The Truman home in Indendendence

One of the street banners in Independence, honoring and remembering the former president, who daily walked in his home town.

My favorite presidential libraries, so far, are Clinton in Little Rock and Eisenhower in Abilene.
The rose garden at the Carter library was lovely, but we were not in Atlanta when the buildings were open, so maybe next time.
Each place provides interesting insights into each our presidents and terms in office.


DawnB said...

thank you for the history lession the photos are magnificent!!

LesleyG said...

So interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Susie Hemingway said...

I have enjoyed these lovely photos, thank you for them. Such very wonderful Maple colours. Keep well.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) said...

I hope to visit many of them (not really planning on hitting W's...). As always, great pics!

Sunshine said...

One of the outstanding impressions we had at the Eisenhower library: How much better educated, how much more intelligent and wise was Eisenhower than the most recent (W) Republican president!

peter said...

Looks like a neat trip. I was in KC this past spring, to attend a baseball game at their retro baseball park sitting on the Interstate miles south & east of town, watching from atop the stadium seating a steady stream of vehicles zoom by in either direction while a glacially-paced ballgame unfolded below me. It was a study in contrasts, a window on American contradictions. "Americans are entitled to good health care." What president would say that? Oh that's right, Truman was a Democrat.

Beth said...

I'm from MO but have never been to the library. Looks like a fun trip!