Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Grand Canyon Half Marathon

South of Huntington, Utah, the half marathon treks through the most delicious part of the Little Grand Canyon.
We are sparing you the dozens and dozens of pictures we took, both when we were driving the race course the day before, and when we were supposed to be running the race.

Flowers like these line the roads and freeways of Utah and Colorado.

Running across the desert at the beginning of the race, we were fascinated by the plant life.

The rocky road was not as troublesome as the dust from vehicles in the last few miles of the course.

Mile markers helpfully advised of miles left to go to the finish at the swinging bridge over the San Rafael River.

You can read about the marathon on Make It a Masterpiece.

I was the only woman runner over 62 in the half.. so I guess I was first in my age group.


Unknown said...

congrats on winning your age group. it's awesome that you are still out there running! you need to recruit some age mates to join you!

i run a gravel surface like that frequently. it's not really too bad. kind on my joints too.

Sunshine said...

Maybe what we need is more younger runners to invite their mothers and grandmothers out to run?
I'd enjoy the company.

Toyin O. said...

Nicely done. More grease to your elbow, you should be very proud of yourself.

Beth said...

You guys do the best races! Congrats on your age group win and thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.