Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running Walking in Chicago (ASCO Part 2)

ASCO attendees hustled along... 30,000 of them.

Weather was perfect for running/walking in Millenium Park.

As we revisited Millenium Park, we remembered the hot hot Chicago Marathon in Chicago several years ago now.
From the walks in Millenium Park we found our way to the Lake Michigan waterfront.

Everywhere, people were moving on foot... or on bicycles.

Park and trails provided great running/walking along the Chicago River.

An art fair was nearby.. maybe not for running, but some interesting walking.

Navy Pier, also interesting walking on the weekend, was wind-swept clean of blowing snow the last time we were in Chicago.

Sweet Pea loves kitty pictures, and you never know what you'll find just walking on the city streets.

North of the Chicago River, we were reminded of the great community support there for runners in the Chicago Marathon, even though the official support was pretty sparse and dry! Some folks came out with their own personal garden hoses to provide spray, promised and not delivered until the final mile of the race by the marathon organization.

We were delighted to discover both Trader Joes and Whole Foods on the near north side of the river, where we stocked up on organic fruit for the weekend. Walking...

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Anne said...

Love the photos. I haven't been to Chicago in a few years, and these brought back good memories.