Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get in Gear

Get in Gear 10K on Saturday morning began in Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis... north on West River Road, across the Lake Street Bridge, south along the Mississippi on East River Road, across the Ford Bridge (yes, near the old Ford assembly plant), and back to Minnehaha Park for the finish.
Weather: low to mid 40s, with a 12-15 mph wind; rain threatened... but the sun came out and it was glorious to run.

Sweet Pea and I ran together as ususal. I was pleased to come in before a couple of women in my age group and a couple of women in the next younger age group. We came in before some women in her age group, too!
Our runs on Gateway Trail last week were helpful training, I guess: about 25 miles (14, 2, 9 miles) and a few more miles this past week.

I thought the shirts were more attractive than usual.. but can you believe they ran out of size L... even for the pre-registered runnners?!

Children headed for the start of the children's race.

The flag, during the National Anthem, gave witness to the substantial wind.

In this picture you may spot a couple of rowing teams headed back up the Mississippi River ... as we ran over the Lake Street Bridge.

A hundred years of ministry for Fristad (place of refuge) Lutheran Church, Centuria, Wisconsin, about an hour drive northeast of St. Paul ...

I served as interim pastor in the late 1980's and again in the 1990's for these dear people. They have a new sanctuary now. Today at the centennial worship, the NW Wisconsin bishop preached a good sermon. Music there is unusually inspiring. Below, a little out-of-focus to protect identities, is the band, which often leads/accompanies the congregation's singing. Precious, being with them all today!

Tiny perennials, many years ago a gift from Don's Mom.


Dori said...

Congratulations on racing so well! I've always liked the Get in Gear race. Nice shirt design but it's incredible that they didn't have a size L shirt for you; usually it's the small size that they don't have enough of. Great pictures. :-)

DawnB said...

great photos and congratulations on a good race. I understand why the ran out of the large because I know I always get large or xlarge t shirts. I think people in general like larger tshirts.

Unknown said...

Weird that they ran out of large. Usually they run out of small or xl, but have plenty of M & L.

Vickie said...

Another successful race! We've had some windy weather here as well and more predicted again today. I wonder if it will ever be calm??

ShirleyPerly said...

Large size shirts are usually the most popular at the races I work but we rarely run out. Sounds like it didn't stop you from running a good race, though. Well done!!

A Plain Observer said...

really nice shirt, too bad they ran out of sizes. That is one of the most difficult things for a race director, to know how many to order.
Feels good when you race well, doesn't it?

rocketpants said...

Congrats on a great race! Glad you all had a beautiful day to run out there.

CewTwo said...

What a great race! Too bad they didn't have the size of shirt that you wanted.

I love the way that you report the race along with some personal history. You truly have a great outlook toward life and running.

Thanks for sharing!

Backofpack said...

That picture of the flag is awesome - just beautiful. Yay for you for knocking off some other runners in your age group - and Sweet Pea too!

Sunshine said...

Oh Charlie... (Cew Two)
We are so so sorry to read about your precious MOLLY!
Can't find your blog now... Hope you will be back soon.
Comfort to you as you celebrate your wonderful faithful dear dog friend.

CewTwo said...

Thank you for your kind notes about Molly. Molly was a serious part of my life from the day that I got her. I was there when her sudden battle ended. I miss her so much! She died at 11:45 PM on Monday, April 27, 2009. She had developed a carcinoma on her heart that burst filling the area around her heart with blood that would not allow her heart to beat. The emergency vet was will willing to drain the area a second or third time so that a cardiologist could see her, but the flow was too strong, Molly was too weak and I felt that she had suffered enough. I made the decision to put her to sleep. I was with her, her head in my lap, until the end. It was a sad evening. I miss her so.

Also, thank you for being innovative about finding a way to communicate with me. For some reason, blogger, through an automated bot that checks for spam, has determined that my blog may be a spam blog site. I have requested a human to review and re-enable it. This happened just this morning.

Beth said...

Congrats on your race! Sounds like you were well trained and ready to go. Love the pictures!

Susie Hemingway said...

Lovely Photos and well done to you! I was thinking of you and Don on Sunday while watching the London Marathon, the weather was good, London looked marvellous and with so many folk running for Cancer Charities, it made my heart soar.
Sincere Regards

Calyx Meredith said...

Your photos are always so interesting! Congrats on a good race and how great to stay connected to the congregation you used to pastor. Have a good weekend!

Anne said...

Love the flag photo. It's gorgeous.

Since M is the most popular size in road races, it's possible they ran out of those and that forced more people to pick up L T-shirts. I've organized and volunteered at a lot of races and this tends to happen. So did you end up with XL? Hey, they make great nighties!