Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Celebrate a Healthy Eating Journey


(1) ALWAYS EAT LEAN PROTEIN, PLAIN NUTS, or low fat cheese FIRST, BEFORE EATING ANY CARBS (fruit or whole grains or even vegetables). That keeps blood sugar more stable and appetite moderate.
(2) ENJOY the FIRST SERVING. If hungry after eating one serving, weighed/measured, of a particular food, find a different food to have one serving of. No second helpings of the same food.. And always avoid over-sized servings.
(3) Generous variety of VEGETABLES ... cooked, especially roasted with olive oil, but also salads of raw vegetables and olive oil. We do not limit consumption of vegetables.
(4) Fresh raw FRUIT really is, along with a few nuts, a delightful snack. Explore a variety of fresh fruits.
Fresh raw fruit is an ELEGANT DESSERT!

A few extra notes:
* I relish all kinds of ripe juicy BERRIES, MELON, FRUIT; Raw and unsweetened; Whole fruit, not juice. Keeping that suggestion of no second helpings in mind, eat a variety of fruit each day.
* Dairy: consider dairy foods that are as low fat as possible.
* Raw broccoli/cabbage family vegetables depress thyroid function, so we cook those.
* Establish serving sizes for yourself: 3-4 ounces of lean protein; 1 piece of fruit; 2/3 cup of whole wheat pasta; 1 slice of whole wheat bread, etc.
* We consider one ounce of NUTS, raw or roasted without oil, perhaps salted but not seasoned, a serving. We eat a variety of nuts... in moderation, only a serving at a time. Three or four Brazil nuts each day is a nice way to get your selenium.
* Likewise, one ounce of CHEESE is a serving. A quarter or a half ounce of hard cheese as the last food of the day seems to be of some help in preventing cavities.
* Just say no to trans fat (partially hydrogenated) and nitrites and chemicals in your food. Experts are beginning to discover the harm that high fructose corn syrup can do. (Check labels on things like catsup.) White flour products are junky fuel in your precious engine!!
* Science tells us that cancer cells love refined sugar more than healthy cells do.
* Could be important to know that soy and possibly peanuts can depress thyroid function. If you need to limit intake of iodized salt, figure out another way to get iodine.
* Keep informed on the latest “dirty dozen” list of most pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables and chose organic for those.

We keep moving on a learning curve:
* Interested in using more fresh and dried herbs and spices... turmeric, rosemary, basil, fennel, and cinnamon, ginger, cloves (without sweeteners)
* Hoping to increase consumption of foods high in antioxidants, etc.
* I am focusing on increasing my daily cup of TEA (either black or green) to two cups.
* Investigating the effects of nightshade family foods (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers; tobacco is a nightshade!)
* Wondering if gluten is not such a healthy ingredient for most folks.

Need ideas for good eating ?
Weight Watchers CORE FOODS are a great way to LIVE !

PS... I also love a plain, skim milk latte;
Once in a while 2-3 ounces of red wine with dinner;
And about 12 grams or about 1 square or 1/3 ounce of dark chocolate each day. (Carefully measured)


Dori said...

I gave up white sugar back in December, with the goal of getting down to size 6. I was a 10 at the time. Today I bought a pair of size 6 jeans! The reduced weight is helping my running speed.

Margaret said...

Very good advice, Sunshine. A note on berries and walnuts/pecans: they contain ellagic acid (the Meeker variety, especially), about which I will be posting soon; it's a complicated post, so it is taking more time than usual. I can't wait for my raspberries to ripen! Yummy! Margaret
Florence, Italy

Margaret said...

Oops, the Meeker variety refers to red raspberries, I should have specified that. :-) Margaret